Steps To Purchasing

Steps to Purchasing a Home

The process of purchasing a home can be a positive & rewarding experience! I will guide and walk you through each step to ensure you reach your final goal. I will arrange all appointments for you, negotiate your contract and provide a selection of service venders needed for purchasing. These include: lenders, attorneys, insurance firms, home inspectors, pest control companies, utility contact list, movers, etc., from which to choose. By listening to your needs, I can make this a great experience! Before a Real Estate Agent can provide substantive real estate services, they are required to have a signed brockerage agreement. Learn more at:'s-role

  1. Obtain pre-qualification from lender
  2. Select home to purchase
  3. Decide on offering price based upon comparables
  4. Decide on amount of "Good Faith Deposit"
  5. Select closing date 
  6. Home/Radon Inspection
  7. Home Warranty 
  8. Homeowners Insurance
  9. Choose an Attorney
  10. Final estimated closing cost from lender
  11. Provide utility contact list
  12. Final Walk-Through of property
  13. Closing